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In fact we encourage everyone to drink from the tap. In most European Countries you can really do that.


Unfortunatelly not all countries have high quality tap water and very oftern even in the rich West, old pipes and dirty ,badly maintained water systems can damage your health, even if the tap water is of good quality.


Some people are installing filtration systems in their homes to feel safe.


Beeing in China and Hong Kong for over 5 years,      I was surprised to learn that the locals here buy(!) distilled water or cook water at home, in order to satisfy the daily needs.






Nothing wrong with drinking distilled water, except the fact that you are poisoning your body with it.

But alcohol and cigaretts and fatty burgers are bad too. So why worry about it, right?


Distilled water is so pure that on the way trough your body, it flushes out all the healthy minerals.


These are important for your organs functions. Once gone your body becomes acidic, the aging process is accelerated.


The first sign of a bad water diet, are damaged teeth... The list goes on and on..

Perhaps the biggest surprise to all of you reading this little summary is, that most bottled water is tap water and it is sold to us as a glorified item.


Numerous water companies have issues witht the quality of their product.

Very often they get exposed by health groups.

Ok folks lets face it. Bottled water is 1000 times more expensive than tap water.

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