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Bottled at the Spring in the European Rhodope Mountains

High Quality Drinking Water since 1936

available in two types


Baby Water


Naturally Carbonated


Santa Sofia Still Water, a good choice for everyday use.


It contains minerals in a well-balanced ratio, which contributes to its exceptional taste.


Our Natural Spring Water with the pink label, is called Baby Care.


It has balanced calcium and magnesium content and low levels of sodium, chloride and sulphate, which makes it suitable for everyday use by all age groups, even Babies.

Our Naturally Carbonated Spring Water is unique. 


Why? Because it is already sparkling when it flows from the spring.


There are only three other mineral water springs in the world, whose water is close in composition, flavour and quality, to that of Santa Sofia.


Naturally carbonated mineral water springs from depth of 70 meters with temperature of 24°C in an ecologically clean area in the Western Rhodope mountains.


The unique mix of diverse and healthy essential components such as minerals and microelements, combined with natural carbon dioxide turns carbonated water Santa Sofia into a refreshing and energizing drink.


Our Spring Water is available now in Hong Kong!


You can choose from one of the following subscription options.



After subscribing to one of the services, we will call you to set out the details of your contract.


If none of the options above, suit your needs, simply call us and we are happy to customize a plan for you.


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